Howell MI Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Repair Advice

HVAC Contractors Consider Cutting Out the Middleman | 2016-04-25 | ACHRNEWS

Painting your property and mowing the lawn are easy ways to maintain your house and boost its value. In the same way, there are things homeowners can do to take care of their heating and AC equipment to keep it in pristine condition and keep it running smoothly.

As an added benefit, it can help minimize unexpected emergency calls to technicians and make the HVAC system’s life longer. Preventive maintenance during the spring and fall seasons go a long way. Listed below are some tips people can add to their home maintenance routine.

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Change HVAC filters

When was the last time you changed the filters on your HVAC system? Disposable filters keep the system clean- and take-out large particles from the indoor air. Change them at least once in three months. If it is allergy season, or there are dogs or cats inside the house, homeowners may consider replacing the filter more often. Experts recommend picking a filter that is rated MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) 1-11.

Anything more than that will minimize the system’s airflow, which can put unnecessary strains on the structure and have a negative effect on the unit’s efficiency. If you are using an air purification system, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when servicing the filter. Usually, a ductless system requires its filters to be cleaned regularly.

Clean the condensing unit

Most ACs have outdoor condensing units or heat pumps sitting outside the house with a fan on top to disperse the heat during the summer seasons. The AC’s condensing unit’s metal fins usually get clogged up with pollen, grime, and dirt. Spray the outside of the condensing unit with a water hose once every season to help clean it and remove dirt, pollen, or grime. A little warning: Don’t use pressurized washers because it will damage the unit permanently.

Inspect and create a clearance around the outdoor unit

Remove build-up of overgrown vegetation and leaves to ensure that it cannot interfere with the outdoor system’s airflow. Homeowners can trim any trees or bushes so that the unit has a lot of clearance, at least two feet on all four sides. Keep a closer look at trees or bushes, making sure that they don’t give off excessive pollen, especially Cottonwood trees. They are well-known for clogging up the condensing unit.

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Call a reputable professional technician for regular maintenance

Experts recommend having a licensed technician or a maintenance company to come in and perform preventive maintenance at least once every six months, including checking drainage systems and drain pans, flushing the coils, looking at the unit’s voltage, vacuuming the fan compartment, checking refrigerant levels on the AC unit, checking for loose wires and motor voltage, checking the voltage, and evaluating heater operation.

Spring and fall are excellent times to do service maintenance on the air conditioning system. With good luck, these professionals will catch any issues before becoming a significant inconvenience on the homeowner’s part.